exploring the women's network

I am so glad you are here.

You are part of a link of Wonderful Women who are passionate about what they do and are open to sharing ideas!


This is not just another network or club.

The Wonderful Women Network was designed for small; medium Women Business Owners to connect.

I have run my own business for eight years, sold it, created and run academies, and now running my own business and consultancy.  Over the years I learnt two truths:

One: running a business requires great connections

Two: running a business requires "balls"!  You need guts, and a great sense of humor, above all passion.

I also realized that getting your name out there can be costly and time consuming and often a fair amount of marketing and branding knowledge.  Marketing is expensive and that is why I thought of setting up a place where we can share with each other the great work we do and are passionate about. The network will be a place for referrals and networking and authentic knowledge sharing.

If you need to get your business known, and have people talk about you, refer you to others, then this is the place for you.


You can participate in the Wonderful Women Network in different ways...

There is sure to be something for everyone, and if not I am happy to get new ideas.

1. Registration only:  Register and receive and share information with other women.  You can share your profile and business bio with others.

2. Host a WoW Breakfast/Brunch:  Be the one bringing others together over coffee and get cudos too.

3. WoW Contributor:  Contribute in various ways.  You have something to say and need an audience - we can help.  You will be listed as a speaker at a WoW Brunch. 

Have words of written wisdom and need to share, you have an online platform to share and write.

Want to find out more?  Why not call me or pop me an email?

Peta Horn:  +2783 296 5108


email petahorn@mweb.co.za